Bike-to-Work a delicious ride

Community Cycles puts on quite a party

As the producers of June’s Bike and Walk to Work Month, Community Cycles and their partner organizations have put on a full slate of events to celebrate cycling. Wednesday’s headliner, Bike to Work Day, drew thousands of Boulderites out of their cars and onto their bikes. Businesses made the effort worthwhile, hosting elaborate breakfasts, contests and give aways on what seemed like every other block downtown, and beyond. Here’s a sampling:

14Flipping Cakes.  The farthest north station on the route, Boulder Cycle Sport had no problem drawing a crowd. Flipping blueberry, chocolate chip and banana pancakes for the eighth year in a row, this neighborhood favorite bicycle shop has a loyal following of riders – novice to super expert and everything in between.


Sweet and Perfectly Safe.  Baby Gavin Gardener plays with a bicycle at Ideal Market’s celebration, where breakfast, bike shops and food makers drew hundreds of riders. Gavin got a lift to the event from his work-at-home parents, who traveled by bike and board.

3Ready. Set. Go.  Brian O’Neil (l) and Heshesh Jian compete in Full Cycle’s Head-to-Head Bike Challenge as co-owner Carly Gronholl cheers. Brian was first to fill a tire to 90 psi. Woot woot.

5Scrub A Dub.  Paul Maude and his co-workers at the Rocky Mounts booth shine up more than 100 bikes for free!

6Not Trying It.  Jaime Purzanski blends super healthy kale smoothies with Organic Girl greens. Biking Boulderites guzzled them down.

8Say Zoom. Joe Abruzzo, an intern with professional-grade promotion skill, talks up  ZümXR. This 9-month-old Denver brand is a vitamin infused energy drink with extended-release “energy beads” filled with green tea extract.

9Glam Your Ride.  Christina Cavalier, the owner-practicioner of SoulShine Massage Therapy, hands out M&Ms and other treats at Ten20 Salon on east Pearl Street.

10Super Commute.  Samira Smith (l) and Alison Hyde (sparkly cape) hit breakfast stations anywhere they could between Table Mesa and Ideal Market.  Alison: “It’s bike to work day so you have to go all out.”

11Big East.  East Pearl Street drew big crowds around neighborhood favorite DISH Gourmet deli.


12The Pros.  The Boulder Chamber of Commerce breakfast station at their offices on the corner of Folsom and Pearl offered some seriously sweet-looking delectables by Great Harvest Bread Company. Hosts included a contingent from Boulder 2140, the chamber’s young professionals organization.


A HUGE THANK YOU to Community Cycles and all of its partner organizations who make Walk and Bike to Work Month such a great day for Boulder.