Caring for Boulder’s Heroes

Boulder County CareConnect makes it easy

Boulder, or so the conventional wisdom goes, is a city for the young.

It’s an absurdly active place, entirely tech savvy, and everyone here seems fit and maniacally energetic. Oh, and our winters – sunny though they may be – are cold and icy. Anyone over age 70 would be better off in Tucson, right?

The truth is, Boulder is a great place to grow old. And it’s getting ever better because of the innovative work of Boulder County CareConnect (BCCC).

BCCC in an independent non-profit that promotes the security, comfort and independence of seniors by dispatching its army of volunteers to provide services like grocery deliveries, yardwork, medical transportation, and snow shoveling. For thousands of Boulder County seniors, these simple but critical tasks make the difference between living in their own homes, or having to move near family or into an institution.

BCCC is essentially a lifesaver for seniors who want to remain a part of the fabric of Boulder County, the place they helped shape.

“BCCC does so much in our community for the seniors who have made this such a great place to live,” says Tom Brock, publisher at Brock Publishing, a BCCC business partner.

He makes a good point. Take a moment to consider just who laid the critical groundwork for all that makes Boulder County such a great place to live.

The people who brought us the “blue line,” ensuring Flagstaff Mountain and our glorious foothills would never be developed, were in their 20s and 30s back in 1959.  As business and community leaders, our seniors once pushed for the development of trails, supported more and more open space, built cultural masterpieces like Chautauqua and The Dairy Center for the Arts, trail blazed scientific breakthroughs and contributed greatly to the progress of the University of Colorado. The list goes on and on.

The people and volunteers of BCCC recognize the contributions of the elders in this community, and are intent on making Boulder County conducive to older adults, as it should be.

“Boulder County CareConnect is helping the older people in our community continue to rise and thrive, and when you do that, we all rise together,” says Don Poe, vice president of client services for People Productions, a BCCC business partner. “If we’re lucky, we’re all going to age some day, and we’re all going to need help – our parents might need this kind of help right now.”

People Productions is a 30-year-old Boulder company that produces videos and other digital content for some of the world’s most innovative brands. Together with Triple Threat Digital, People Productions created a video to tell BCCC’s story and invite more people into the volunteer fold.

BCCC volunteer Linda Vehrenkamp has lived in Boulder since 1991, relocating here from Wisconsin where her parents continued to live. Through the progression of her father’s Alzheimer’s Disease, she experienced firsthand the intense stress of trying to care for aging parents while managing her own family and work life far away.

“When I learned about what BCCC is doing here in our community, I had to be a part of it,” she says.

Together with her colleague Carolyn Clement, Ms. Vehrenkamp volunteers for BCCC’s grocery delivery service Carry-Out Caravan. The two women created Niwot-based Elder Transitions Care, a company that helps families develop independent-living plans for seniors, providing resources, counseling and support along the graduated levels of care.

“What I like about BCCC is that they understand why it’s so important to help seniors age in their own community,” she says. “By getting everyone involved in helping our elders, lives are greatly enriched across the board.”

BCCC has convenient volunteer opportunities for everyone. If you can spare a little time for seniors in need, reach out and connect with Boulder County CareConnect.