Crossfit Sanitas

Featured Friend for May

RE/MAX of Boulder’s Featured Friend for May is Crossfit Sanitas.

We’re a fairly fit bunch around here. As typical Boulderites, we love the outdoors and are by and large gym devotees – each of us loyal to our favorites in and around Boulder County.

But when RE/MAX of Boulder co-owner and Realtor Jay Kalinski started working out at Crossfit Sanitas in February, many of us took notice. Jay spent four and a half years as an active duty officer in the Air Force as a JAG attorney, and is basically a very fit guy.  His athletic past includes Ironman triathlons and ultra marathons. But these past pursuits didn’t yield the fitness gains he’s seen since February.

“I am definitely stronger and fitter now than at any other time in my life,” said Jay.

Crossfit has been around since the 1970s, and gained popularity at breakneck speed beginning around 2000. If you haven’t jumped into Crossfit yourself (there are at least six Crossfit gyms in Boulder County), you probably know someone who has and can’t stop talking about it.

The recipe is essentially this: constantly varied, high intensity, nuts-and-bolts functional movements. The program has a strong reputation for back-to-basics training. No fluff, just logical drills in basic environments like warehouse gyms, with low tech gear.  Think barbells, jump ropes, old tires. 

Crossfit Sanitas has a unique approach that we’ll be telling you about in this space over the next few weeks.  And beyond fitness, Jay wanted to highlight for our readers the community focus of Crossfit Sanitas, which opened its doors in a new 10,000 square foot space at 2525 Arapahoe in January. 

“Here in Boulder we appreciate companies who strive to make life better, and Crossfit Sanitas is a business built on that idea,” he said.

Throughout May we’ll feature posts on Crossfit Sanitas. In the meantime, learn about founder Eric Roza in this recent New York Times article.