Elbow-to-Elbow: Entrepreneurs & New Tech Talent

Photo courtesy of Galvanize Boulder

Galvanize is going gangbusters.

Described as a “dynamic learning community” by Galvanize Boulder’s membership manager, Tom Crocker, the two-year-old Boulder campus caught on quickly. The unique venture combines flexible workspace for entrepreneurs and an immersive gSchool education geared to rapidly develop programmers and data scientists.

Participation is booming and Galvanize Boulder is growing, resulting in a move to a bigger space nearby.

With 360-views from the West End of Pearl Street, the environment is rich with the stuff new ventures are fueled by: the opportunity to learn from others, make business contacts and meet skilled talent and potential employees.

The open-office environment offers a stark contrast to the isolated, holed-up existence often experienced by innovators, start-up founders and high-tech workers. Workspace options include open-seating, reserved desk or dedicated office space, with the flexibility to add seats as companies grow.

The Boulder Source is pleased to honor Galvanize Boulder as our September Featured Friend. Recently, we caught up with Membership Manager Tom Crocker. Watch the video to hear his thoughts on Galvanize Boulder’s unique learning environment and future plans. Stay tuned for upcoming videos that showcase the dynamic environment at Galvanize, member company Pivotal Labs and two recent graduates of gSchool.