Feast of Fermentation

photo courtesy Ethan Welty, weltyphotography.com

A fundraiser to feed your soul and tummy, too

Boulder Food Rescue’s third annual fall fundraiser – on tap Saturday, Nov. 7 – is set to be a full-on party.

Dubbed Feast of Fermentation, the event is just that – an opportunity to feast on fermented foods and beverages of all types and enjoy the music of two live bands.

Two hundred fifty guests are expected at this all you can eat and drink event. Attendees will enjoy beverages from sponsors Twisted Pine Brewery and Sanitas Brewing and an inspired signature cocktail, concocted by Vapor Distillery. The feast includes a full array of foods, such as kimchi, sauerkraut, a variety of cheeses and breads and more. While not a seated meal, the menu promises a filling treat.

photo courtesy Ethan Welty, weltyphotography.com

photo courtesy Ethan Welty, weltyphotography.com

The fermentation theme was chosen since, as a process for preserving food for a long time, it ties into to preventing food waste and reflects the focus of Boulder Food Rescue. With many Boulder-area food producers offering delicious fermented foods and beverages, the venue is an excellent way for those food makers to display their wares.

Creating Local Food Connections

“The event creates connections with local vendors and gets people back in touch with our food system,” says Boulder Food Rescue Executive Director, Hana Dansky.

Tickets are just $45 per person, or only $35 for groups of 10. People are encouraged to buy extra tickets to donate back to Boulder Food Rescue’s clientele, who would not be able to afford to attend otherwise.

Proceeds go to Boulder Food Rescue to help further their goals.

“We have an immense capacity to grow and can only expand with financial support,” says Dansky.

“There’s more we can do here in Boulder. We want to continue rescuing more food and grow to be a sustainable organization, which means increasing our staff to full-time, among other things,” says Dansky.

Boulder Food Rescue currently operates out of a small office in downtown Boulder and needs more space. “…We would love to have more of a community hub for volunteers to work together and to have a place to store and maintain our bikes and trailers,” says Dansky.

Now repairs to the bicycle rigs are made outside at the donor sites – even when the weather is bad.

Affecting Change

In addition, Dansky and her team want to grow the national program. “We are part of a big movement that is happening nationally around food waste and we have the ability to influence how we do change work in the country,” she says.

Working with the Univeristy of Colorado, Boulder Food Rescue is currently conducting a community-based, participatory research project on food insecurity locally. “If we don’t want people to be food insecure, then we need to look at why people are food insecure and look at economic insecurity and why that exists in Boulder and hopefully influence policy and help work through barriers around that,” says Dansky.

So Go

  • Feast of Fermentation
  • Saturday, Nov. 7, 2015
  • 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.
  • Boulder History Museum
  • 2205 Broadway, Boulder, Colorado
  • Tickets $45; $35 for groups of 10

Ticket donations for Boulder Food Rescue clientele are welcome.

Get tickets here: universe.com/FOF2015 

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1027246083986602/

BoulderSource is honored to highlight the good work of Boulder Food Rescue this month, as we celebrate all-things-food in and around Boulder.