Feeding body and soul

Meals On Wheels – preparing lunch deliveries from the West Senior Center. Courtesy photo.

Boulder’s Meals On Wheels delivers “energy and smiles”

An absolutely essential community service provider everyone should know and support? Meals On Wheels of Boulder.

Although it’s anything but obvious, Boulder actually is home to a number of residents who are isolated at home. Reasons why vary from advanced age to all types of infirmity, temporary and otherwise. These folks just are not able to prepare decent food day in and day out – much less make it to the grocery store.

That’s where the culinary prowess, scheduling genius and steadfast willpower of  Meals On Wheels of Boulder come in.

With a small staff and an army of volunteers, this organization provides home-delivered meals for a very reasonable fee to any resident in its radius, five days a week (with weekend provisions delivered on Fridays).

Hot, nutritious, modern and darn tasty, the food means much more than calories to its recipients. For more than 45 years, Meals On Wheels has made it possible for Boulder neighbors to hang on to their independence without going hungry or broke.

“The credit for our success goes to our volunteers,” explains Sally Sandoe, director of marketing and development. “They are the ones who keep this program moving.”

Indeed. More than 100 volunteers regularly show up five days a week to collect, drive and deliver hot meals all over Boulder. The resolute commitment of these unpaid angels is perhaps the strongest evidence of the program’s authentic need and value.

That spirit came through during and after September’s epic floods – when some Boulder County residents found themselves more isolated than ever. Meals On Wheels was somehow able to keep the wheels turning, even though it was flooded out of its kitchen facilities at the West Senior Center. The organization set up shop at the East Senior Center and got creative with its routing.

The daily service commitment is even more impressive. Consider Meals On Wheels by the numbers for 2013:

  • 834           unduplicated home delivery clients served
  • 76,842     meals prepared
  • 68,244     meals delivered
  • 20,667     meals delivered for $1 or less (30 percent)

Beyond all this accomplishment, a daily doorbell ring by a friendly volunteer is meaningful in all kinds of important ways, too.

“Today we like to say we deliver energy and smiles,” Ms. Sandoe says.

Now that’s an organization we can get behind 110 percent, and we hope you will, too. Meals On Wheels of Boulder is our March Featured Friend. Read more about the organization’s restaurant, Café Classico, here:  Lunch is back, baby!.  Next post: Project Homecoming.