Happiness in Motion

Image courtesy of Alex Gil

Alex Gil Guides You on the Path to Vitality

Everyone wants a life filled with happiness, health and vitality.

The key is knowing how to get there in today’s too-hurried world.

Holistic wellness coach Alex Gil of Vitalé Studio knows how. She spent years studying, discovering and practicing her own techniques. And she’s passionate and skilled at sharing her knowledge with others.

“There is a trend of people being overwhelmed and busy and out of balance,” says Alex. “People are not taking charge of their energy and managing energy efficiently.”

To help her clients change this and reach optimum wellness, Alex focuses on happiness, energy and balance as key pieces of the puzzle.

Why happiness? It’s the ultimate gauge of how ‘you’ you are, which in turn is a reflection of your energy level and balance.

Alex offers a quick test to find out if you’re out of balance:

  • Do you work 55 hours every week?
  • Do you spend time with close friends at least 1-2 times a week?
  • Do you exercise at least five times a week?

If you answered ‘yes, no, no,’ then you are out of balance.

“If you do these things long enough [work too many hours, don’t have enough social time and don’t keep your body moving], it will cost your health and happiness,” says Alex.

“You’ll start losing yourself and one of the roots of unhappiness is not being yourself.”

Reclaim your balance

Image courtesy Alex Gil

Image courtesy Alex Gil

“Balance is different for everybody,” says Alex, adding that it can even change throughout phases of your life. But, she makes it reclaimable by breaking it down into an understandable, manageable, three-part plan of action, which is a hallmark of her coaching style – taking the abstract and complex and making it simple.

Step one: Spend time in stillness

Everybody is talking about meditation these days  – from Facebook to business success articles, notes Alex. The trend is based on findings that by meditating every day we become more present, calmer and less reactive.

If meditation is not for you, Alex offers this alternative: for 15 minutes every day write, read a book that inspires you spiritually, or walk quietly.

By spending time in stillness, “you’ll be more productive, effective and focused,” Alex says. And, in turn, you’ll be happier.

Step two: Move your body & eat healthy

Without motion, you can’t reclaim balance or be healthy. But, your exercise doesn’t always have to be high intensity, Alex stresses.

Go for a walk five times a week, or walk three times a week and hit the gym two times a week.

Hire a trainer. Even, Alex – a trainer herself – has a trainer. “I turn myself over to somebody else so I can just do what they tell me to do and have fun,” says Alex.

The key word there is fun, whether your ticket to pleasure is weight lifting, boxing or Zumba, whatever it is, relax and have fun.

Step three: Spend quality time with loved ones

Schedule time with people that matter to you at least once or twice a week. Make it quality social time that brings out the playful person in you or allows you to share confidences. If there’s anybody in your life that you miss and comes to mind often, make a coffee date and put it on your calendar.

Change requires energy

Though these changes sound easy enough, Alex is the first to say that change is difficult and requires energy.

“I talk about energy because it is a direct marker of how healthy and happy we are. Emotion is the biggest source of energy. We have to have a purpose; this gives us excitement about work and life. If we love our work or what we are working for and feel inspired, passionate, this is food for energy,” says Alex.

Many of her clients share the same issues – their energy is low and they feel unhealthy — and she often helps them discover what is blocking or stopping them from living the life they want to live. For example, to help a client find direction or purpose, she gives them the space needed for creativity and inspiration to come.

“They need to have time and stillness to reflect on their day and to evaluate themselves,” adds Alex.

But it’s not about perfection.

Says Alex, “Self-improvement does not have the goal of perfection. Perfection is the road to procrastination.”

To learn more about Alex and Vitalé Studio, visit: http://www.vitalestudio.com/

For a free 15-minute phone consultation, call Alex at 303.720.7548 or email Alex@Vitalecoaching.com

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For more about Reclaiming Balance, watch this video by Alex Gil.