Little historians

Boulder History Museum invites kids to participate

Boulder parents:  Put The Boulder History Museum at the top of your list for fun and engaging things to do with your kids.

The museum offers a wide range of programming for children of all ages that is as captivating to adults as it is to little ones. For tourists with young children who want to learn more about Boulder’s history, the museum offers a rich supplement to hiking and biking, with programming that invites children to interact with archives and move among exhibits.

Boulder teachers know this little secret well. They regularly bring their classes to the museum, taking advantage of lively history presentations like this week’s stage production of Yesterado: Stories of Colorado When It Was Young. (This week’s show is sold out, but the next one on November 14 is still open to classes. Call the museum to reserve space.)

Boulder History Museum brings history to classrooms in its History to Go van.

Boulder History Museum brings history to classrooms in its History to Go van.

Boulder teachers can bring history right into their classrooms with the museum’s extensive History To Go opportunities. In one program, Boulder Sister Cities in a Trunk, the museum provides classrooms with steamer trunks. One trunk is dedicated to Native Americans; four others are filled with cultural objects representing four of Boulder’s seven Sister Cities. Each trunk comes equipped with a wealth of resources including folk art, books, DVDs, CDs, photographs, maps, musical instruments, textiles, teacher resources and other unique objects to bring world culture directly into the classroom.

For working parents of students ages 8 – 11, the museum’s No-School Day Camps are a lifesaver. Programs offer creative, hands-on learning disguised as creative fun. They from 9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

On tap this year:

The Boulder History Museum celebrates 70 years of documenting Boulder this month, and shows no signs of slowing down as they transition to becoming The Museum of Boulder. We have been delighted to feature the museum in this space as our Featured Friend this month. We look forward to covering news and events ahead.