Mother House: Giving Sanctuary to At-Risk Pregnant Women Since 1982

Photo courtesy of Mother House

The average cost to give birth in America is nearly $9,000, not including prenatal care.* Diapers, baby food, and clothes add up to about $165 per month. Crib, car seat, swing, baby carrier, stroller, and baby furniture? About $2,500.**

Each year, families can expect to spend between $12,350 and nearly $14,000, on average, to raise a child. Add that together and you’re looking at nearly $234,000 to raise one child until the age of 17 — and that’s not including college.***

If that took your breath away, that makes two of us. Having a kid is surprisingly expensive, even if you are prepared to take the leap with your partner. That’s not to mention the life skills you need to support a child in a loving home. But what if you’re not ready? What if you don’t have a partner? What if you wind up pregnant from a bad boyfriend or even a one night stand and your parents toss you out?

The reality is, many women are faced with that exact scenario, and they are terrified and alone. Mother House in Boulder was founded in 1982 by a group of women who noticed young pregnant women in need, and knew they needed to help.

They invited these women into their own home to give them shelter and nourishment, but they quickly realized there were more young women just like them. They would need a bigger place.

They found a temporary home near the University of Colorado, before moving into a much larger building in 1996, thanks to a lot of fundraising. The City of Boulder has granted them with the money to renovate and remodel the kitchen and appliances so it remains functional and comfortable for the hundreds of women who have found refuge at Mother House.

motherhouseSince 1982, Mother House has helped 750 women and their babies get back on their feet and find a second chance. Because they are more than a shelter, their program is designed to help at-risk pregnant women, whether that is through single motherhood or adoption. Mother House also helps these women gain confidence and achieve independence. They offer education on topics including birthing and parenting, community resources, healthy relationships, health & wellness, budgeting, and life skills. They also provide information about community service programs that will help them. 

Through group living, their focus on community and relationships between the women at Mother House, means they not only provide new mothers with the necessities, but with life-long friendships and a support system they can rely on to get them through the tough times.

For children of these at-risk women like Arianna, Mother House saved her life.

For more information on Mother House, visit their website, or to donate, click here.