Pivotal Connects with Galvanize Boulder

Silicon Valley-headquartered Pivotal is leading the global technology movement to “transform how the world builds software.”

A worldwide company that sells software and provides services to large enterprises, as well as working with startups, Pivotal maintains a connection with the Boulder startup community through Pivotal Labs – the consulting arm of Pivotal with space in the Galvanize Boulder office.

Watch the video to discover how Pivotal and Pivotal Labs integrate with Galvanize Boulder.

“Fitting into the Galvanize startup community is super important to us,” says Mike Gehard, manager of Pivotal’s global education delivery group. Gehard notes their connection with Galvanize Boulder keeps them in touch with new technologies being developed in the startup community.

Pivotal and Pivotal Labs also benefits from the pipeline of programming talent being developed by Galvanize Boulder’s gSchool.

As a teacher at one Galvanize Boulder’s inaugural gSchools, Gehard has clear knowledge of the skills being learned and the level of real world experience of gSchool graduates.

It’s one of the reasons Pivotal hires students from the Galvanize web development program as well as helping their clients hire gSchool graduates.

The Boulder Source is pleased to honor Galvanize Boulder as our September Featured Friend. Be sure to see the previous post to hear Membership Manager Tom Crocker’s thoughts on Galvanize Boulder’s unique learning environment and future plans for growth. Stay tuned for upcoming videos that showcase two recent graduates of gSchool.