Rockin’ and rollin’ it in

Chris Daniels and the Kings Rock for The Inn (courtesy image)

Bedrock, Marble & Granite throws a big party for a great cause

Longmont’s tight-knit community takes care of its own, and Sunday’s Rocking for the Inn event was a great demonstration.

Flight Deck Grill serves the good stuff.

Flight Deck Grill serves the good stuff.

With a big line up of music, full beer garden, inventive artists and much more, the benefit concert entertained hundreds of Longmonters  and raised funds for The Inn Between, a 21-year-old local organization that has an exceptionally good track record helping families and individuals facing homelessness to become self sufficient.

Fabulous fare by City Cafe

Fabulous fare by City Cafe

Hometown inspired, the second annual Rocking for the Inn did more than just raise money and a good time. The event put the power of small businesses on full display, with a long list of local companies, venues, bands and restaurants digging deep for the cause (check them out here).

Talbot's self portrait

Talbot’s self portrait

The event included art created by caricaturist Andy Talbot, a client of The Inn who has revived his artistic enterprise since overcoming homelessness.

“The line was long for Andy’s drawings. He was a big highlight in what turned out to be an outstanding event,” explains Marie Mitchell, director of development for The Inn.

Five bands hit the stage, including local favorites Chris Daniels and The Kings. The musicians of Foxfeather were glad they played and participated in event activities. Together they took home a raffle prize for a trip to Mexico .

“We so appreciate the local businesses who organized this event. It raised twice as much money this year as it did last year, and we’re already starting to look forward to the next party,” Ms. Mitchell said.

Bob and Kathy Wisse of Bedrock, Marble & Granite

Bob and Kathy Wisse of Bedrock, Marble & Granite

Big credit goes to the event originator Bedrock, Marble & Granite (tagline We Rock). The Longmont company has been a longtime supporter of The Inn, and last year owner Bob Wisse dreamed up and launched the rock and roll fundraiser.

“It’s a natural fit for us,” explains co-owner Kathy Wisse. “We love the work The Inn does and simply want to pay it forward.”

BoulderSource loves the work The Inn Between does too, and we’ll be highlighting the organization all September as our Featured Friend. Next week: What The Inn Between can teach the world about helping people actually transcend homelessness.