The Luck of the Irish Lives On

Conor O’Neill’s Claire Clusin and Manager Sam Blundell

Legendary. That’s Conor O’Neill’s claim in this sometimes-emerald County Boulder.

And now that the longtime Boulder establishment has risen from the figurative ashes for a second life, the legend grows even larger.

img_6176It all began 17 years ago when Conor O’Neill’s initial opening was in itself a rebirth of sorts. Then, Conor O’Neill’s took over the James Pub and Grill, which was the first Irish legend to inhabit the quaint pub-like atmosphere locals have long-expected inside the unassuming storefront near 13th and Walnut.

But Boulder’s non-stop progress almost finished Conor O’Neill’s earlier this year. The conclusion of an 18-month construction of a three-story building on the parking lot next door caused the pub owners to close their doors.

img_6175Upon reopening, faithful friends and customers returned to the watering hole and community they loved. But alas, the crowds came too slowly. And the drag on the business, coupled with an increase in rent and taxes, brought this longtime institution to an end – or so we thought.

As the luck of the Irish would have it, W.W. Reynolds Companies, the building landlord, struck a deal with Conor O’Neill’s, working out a more doable arrangement for the recovering business. The restaurant did a quick about face and quickly reclaimed auctioned and stolen goods, scrambling to rehire employees and reopen its doors.

And all the people in Boulder County rejoiced – or those in the know did anyway.

Here at the Boulder Source, we too gave a resounding cheer at the news – lovers that we are of Guinness beer, Irish music and comforting food in a relaxed and friendly setting.

We’re thrilled to name Conor O’Neill’s our Featured Friend. Stay tuned over the next month as we tell you juicy tales of this Irish-built bar.