Top fitness tips for 2014

RallySport trainers:  How to get fitter and stronger this year |

When we sat down to talk with RallySport Boulder’s Erin Carson, we wanted to know more about the gym’s members who are known for their athletic star power.

But this question was a non-starter. While Carson confirmed that RallySport is a mecca for top athletes in a wide variety of sports, she wasn’t naming names.

“We aren’t about to take credit for their success,” she says. “We just work to be an outstanding resource for athletes of every ability. Living that philosophy appeals to the best of the best – and it inspires all of our members to reach higher.”

Erin pointed us to RallySport’s unrivaled training staff. We tapped a few of those trainers for their top kick-off fitness tips for 2014:

Kevin Guidi

Kevin Guidi


Schedule your 6 small meals into your smart phone calendar.

Investigate recipes that include more FAT.  Foods like avocado and nuts can boost your energy and help you cut back on caffeine, aiding sleep and minimizing cortisol release. This helps shrink that midsection.

Teach your body something new.  If you’re a lifter, take Pilates. If you’re a swimmer, try some interval bike sprints.

Get an exercise partner.  It makes the time more fun, double duties as friend time, and allows you to push for those crucial extra forced reps that take your workout to the next level.

Spend more time on recovery.  As we age, flexibility training through foam rolling, yoga and the Rally Recovery Center can keep you healthy and moving forward with your fitness. Neglecting recovery training can put you on the sidelines and send you in the wrong direction.


Alessandra Gil

Alessandra Gil


Don’t count calories.  Think about food as information. Aim to optimize your hormones to work for you and not against you. Food has a life force – it’s not just calories!

Try new work outs.  Lift weights for no longer than 30 minutes. Vary high-intensity cardio work with short rest periods to make your metabolism work like crazy and burn that extra body fat!

Work in.  Recovery is as important as training. Think movement. You don’t always have to exercise hard. In fact, as a recreational athlete, if you alternate hard days with Work In days you will get stronger, faster and less prone to injuries. Tai chi, Qi Gong, gentle yoga, walks, and corrective stretching are great examples of active recovery that will keep your blood and oxygen flow up – and they are amazing stress reducers.



Do what you can.  Every bit of movement – biking, hiking, skiing, walking – adds up to big benefits. Trouble getting started? Set a goal of 20 minutes a day, five days a week. Soon your routine will turn into a habit.

Don’t get stuck.  Variation is key to progression. This doesn’t mean you should jump blindly into a brand new program. Start simply by trying different classes or exercises.

Have fun.  Choose a program that is challenging and FUN. Cater to your interests. Getting in shape doesn’t have to mean running on a treadmill. Get outside and take advantage of what Colorado has to offer!


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