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  • Planet Bluegrass

    Rocky Grass in Lyons

    If you’re really lucky (and organized), you’re holding a ticket to one of Colorado’s best music events happening this weekend in Lyons:  the 42nd annual Rocky Grass Festival.  | Tickets to the epic bluegrass party sold out  in back in January. With a lineup of headliners it’s easy to see why. Bela Fleck, Ricky Skaggs, Bruce Hornsby, Alison Krauss, Sam

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  • Beyond the music: Pick Up Sticks MARIMBA

    Pick Up Sticks MARIMBA has been bringing the joys of Zimbabwean music to Boulder since 2007. The complex multiple rhythms and interlocking melodies of Shona (people of Zimbabwe, Botswana, and South Africa) music represent some of the oldest music known to man. Using the mbira (24-28 key thumb piano), hosho (gourd rattles), a variety of drums, and hand-clapping, in addition to voice and feet, Pick

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